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Communicating with Students & Parents in a Post-Edline World

There are a couple of options that stand out as useful methods for communicating with parents and students now that Edline is not around. Depending on your needs and desires for online communication, consider the following:

1. Blogs

They are accessible without a password but only with a link. Photos, audio and video can be added but the maximum file size is 10mb. They are quick to set up and easy to use. Great for posts but lack a little on discussion.

2. Google Sites

They are accessible with a KPBSD login only. Embedding of all sorts is easy. Set-up can be clunky until you are used to it.

3. Moodle

They are very utilitarian. Works really easily with Google Docs. Offers a complete virtual classroom if you choose to set it up that way. Great discussion forum set up. Great tutorials that are useful for set up.

4. Edmoto

Utilitarian like Moodle but a little prettier. Great for Discussion. A few less bells and whistles than Moodle. Tutorials lacking.

You will have to decide for yourself what works for you!

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