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ASTE Conference 2012 – iReport

Conferences, for me, are always a time for inspiration and ASTE is no exception. ASTE is the Alaska Society for Technology in Education. It is a long-standing organization that promotes technology in education in Alaska and so much more! The collection of technology and innovative educators here is impressive and inspiring. The first session that I attended was about using QR Codes. I have several posts here on my blog about QR Codes but I gained some additional resources today.

Here is a YouTube video that is a great, concise explanation of QR that could be used in the classroom…

Here is another video that contextualizes the possible uses for QR in the business world…

Some key school-wide uses for QR that I hadn’t thought of before are: 1. Important phone numbers that parents can scan and put directly into their phones, 2. Scavenger Hunts for introduction nights as 6th and 8th grades transition into the next level of school, and 3. Attendance for late students – they scan the code as they enter and it sends their information to the teacher or secretary to enter in.

A new resource that I heard about was QRVoice. This site allows voice messages to be given QR codes. Fabulous for authors reading poems or supplemental information on projects, etc.

In other sessions, I gained quite a few resources that are on my “to be checked out” list. I participated in a very interesting discussion on Social Media in the classroom. Here’s some questions that I walked away with…with the inclusion of social media and other web 2.0 tools, are we identifying the objectives that we are meeting with these tools? Are we identifying the assessment method that we are using? Are we reflecting on whether or not this is the best tool for the objective and not just something fun to use?

Food for thought…

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