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The Incredible YouTube

My observation of the availability of YouTube in schools has progressed from completely unavailable to school districts like Chicago Public Schools completely opening it up. (Article Link) A huge district has taken the leap for all to see. In a few years, it may be hard to imagine why it was ever blocked in the first place as 21st century thinking begins to dominate education. There are a lot of features available now that teachers can utilize. Here are a few of them: – Content Area videos accessible to students with the agreement of the district. (Whole courses are available here!) – More content for teachers to use and how-to videos for using YouTube and other resources.

YouTube also has lots of useful channels for content areas!! Here is a Diigo list of educational channels: Channel List

Teachers can also organize their resources by creating playlists for projects, units, lessons, etc. We can even create channels that include these playlists along with videos from other channels that we subscribe to and videos that we upload. Let’s talk about developing digital hallways for student work, sharing lessons…Let’s talk about using tools and being innovative with our resources.

Taken straight from the help section on YouTube…Here are some step-by-step guides:

Using Safety ModeMaking a PlaylistCreating a Channel

YouTube also has resources regarding copyright, including Copyright School. If you are interested in finding videos that are Creative Commons,  follow the instructions given in YouTube Help section or click here for a PDF version of it – YouTube & Creative Commons.

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