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All About the Brain…

It all starts there and ends there doesn’t it? The brain. So, are we teaching to it? Here are some tidbits I have come across:

According to the iNACOL paper Cracking the Code: Synchronizing Policy and Practice for Performance-Based Learning, Tom Vander Ark who writes the blog for Getting, and Chris Lema who writes 252 Basics Blog…


  • “Customized Pathways” – these are bridges that we can create between formal and informal learning that promote mastery.
  • Genetic predisposition together with learning experiences create classrooms of individuals with a range of differences.
  • The more that education provides opportunities for self-assessment and progress monitoring, the more that students are prepared to utilize these skills in life
  • “Sticky Teaching” focuses on using big themes and reinforcing them so the concepts last

Check out this great infographic by Chris Lema!

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