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This site, created by Cindy Denny – Tech Coach in Homer, has a lot of information about using IOS devices (iPads, iPods, etc.) and Apps in the classroom:

KPBSD iPod/iPad Project

Here is the link to the KPBSD App Directory as well!

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Which apps to use?

Here is an article with some useful links to help teachers evaluate the use of apps in their classrooms and which ones will provide the most student growth.
Five Common iPad App Questions on the Tech & Learning Blog.

Kathy Schrock makes a comment on the article and give the link to her resources on the topic too!!

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Apps for the Classroom (by Age Level)



Educational Apps

Follow this link to iSchool Initiative. There is a great list of Educational Apps for use with students and in the classroom.

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QR Codes – What is that?

QR stands for Quick Response Code. It is a way to provide additional information without taking up a lot of space. There are a lot of really interesting things that people are doing with QR Codes.

43 Ways to use QR Codes in the Classroom is a Creative Commons Google Doc that has some really great ideas!

QR Codes for Desktops – this is a You tube video demonstrating using QR Codes with Desktop machines.

Below is a link to a very thorough LiveBinder on QR Codes – basically, it is everything you need to know to get started!
QR Codes In Education

Be sure to check out the January Tech times for additional information on QR Codes!

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