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Reccommendations on TED talks for the Classroom

As usual, Edudemic has great information. Check out this article on TED talks we can use in the classroom…

25 TED Talks Perfect for Classrooms by Jeff Dunn


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All About the Brain…

It all starts there and ends there doesn’t it? The brain. So, are we teaching to it? Here are some tidbits I have come across:

According to the iNACOL paper Cracking the Code: Synchronizing Policy and Practice for Performance-Based Learning, Tom Vander Ark who writes the blog for Getting, and Chris Lema who writes 252 Basics Blog…


  • “Customized Pathways” – these are bridges that we can create between formal and informal learning that promote mastery.
  • Genetic predisposition together with learning experiences create classrooms of individuals with a range of differences.
  • The more that education provides opportunities for self-assessment and progress monitoring, the more that students are prepared to utilize these skills in life
  • “Sticky Teaching” focuses on using big themes and reinforcing them so the concepts last

Check out this great infographic by Chris Lema!

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Great Twitter Resource

This is a fabulous resource for learning to use Twitter!! Thanks Edudemic for compiling these resources!

The Ultimate Twitter Guidebook for teachers 

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Mark Sample who writes for The Chronicle of Higher Education just wrote a really useful article on Teaching with Twitter. Check it out!!

Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter

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What a concept! Take something you like to do apply it to work and see what others are doing…cool!

Check out this article by EdWorld Sarah, Pinterest 101 for Teachers: 5 Power Pinners You Should Follow

or this blog post from Aaron Morrison, 4 Ways to Use Pinterest in Education, or this one by with integration ideas Pinterest: My new Obsession

Finally, this one 5 Tips for Using Pinterest in Your Classroom by Terry Heick on Edudemic

Here is a couple of interesting Pinterest categories: Classroom, ClassroomFreebies, Classroom Inspiration, Prekinders and School Design

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