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Checking for Quality Assurance…

I have been thinking a lot lately about all the things that I need to check for as I am planning a lesson. There is a lot to check for! Here is an infographic that can be used as a tool for checking for best practices in lessons. It is not a comprehensive list though as things like presentation design and technology incorporation are not explicitly stated here but implied through things like “engagement.”

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Teaching Tech Purposefully

Inspired by one of the teachers I work with, I have begun to think about “Teaching tech with a purpose.” Not skipping around from cool thing to the next cool thing, but really identifying what they need to know at that particular place in there education. Technology standards are coming in our district, but they are not here yet. So in the meantime, here is an article that might provide some insight.

10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have by David Andrade

Also, we might consider thinking about the NETS – for students as we plan what we will teach.

ISTE’s NETS for Students

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Webinar on Simplifying Grading

Here is a link to a webinar by Simple K12 that discusses how to simplify grading using digital tools.
Check it out: Save Time and Simplify Your Grading

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Best Practices for Digital Presentations

This is a Powerpoint on digital presentations and the considerations that should be taken into account when creating them. Also, a checklist for creation and shortcuts for SMART.

Content Development Checklist
Best Practices for SMART Quick reference

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ASTE Conference 2011

There were some really phenomenal keynote speakers at ASTE this year that had a lot to say about the changes in our world and in education. Here is the link to the vodcasts! I highly encourage you to check them out! ASTE Keynote Vodcasts

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