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Amazing Resource Presentation

Brandon Lutz is a Discovery Ed DEN Star that presented at PAECT Conference. This is  real and up-to-date information!

For more information, check out this post on DE: 60 in 60 – 60 Web Tools in 60 Minutes with Brandon Lutz

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Streaming DE Explorations, Labs, etc…

There are a couple of things to think about when planning on streaming material from DE. The best advice to follow is – if you can download it, do it! There are, however, some things on DE that can’t be dowloaded, like explorations, virtual labs, etc. In that case…

1. Stay away from the peak times when you can. Peak usage times are 11 and 1 (starts to pick up about 9, is dead over the noon hour, and drops off at 2)

2. The less # of students streaming the better. Use small groups or whole group instruction when you can.

3. Make sure that you have chosen the lower streaming of 256K. (It is the default, but sometimes gets changed)

4. If you have considerable problems, record the times and dates and notify the computer powers that be in the district.

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Check out Discovery Ed!

This is an amazing tool for teachers that will help curb re-inventing the wheel! Go to and Set up an account. It is fast and easy. **You will need an activation code! Email or call and I will pass it to you. To get started in checking it out, try the Digital Treasure Hunt. It is fast and informative.

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