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Checking for Quality Assurance…

I have been thinking a lot lately about all the things that I need to check for as I am planning a lesson. There is a lot to check for! Here is an infographic that can be used as a tool for checking for best practices in lessons. It is not a comprehensive list though as things like presentation design and technology incorporation are not explicitly stated here but implied through things like “engagement.”

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Google continues to branch out and take over the world (not necessarily a bad thing), but in this instance it is downright useful for teachers. They have created Google Education. This is a tool that has pre-made lessons(for students) and trainings (for teachers) about Search Literacy. Many teachers only know about a small portion of the functions available in a Google Search, so in educating ourselves we can educate the kids.


Just another hole filled by Google!


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The latest blog post by The Daring Librarian scores big points with direct tips about creating good presentations!! Check it out!
How to be a Presentation Ninja
View more presentations from gwyneth jones
Check out her blog also: www.thedaringlibrarian.comĀ 

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Using a blog in KPBSD…

Here is a get you started cheat sheet!

Basic Blog Setup

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Alaska’s Digital Pipeline

Want to know more about this great resource?? Made by the librarian of Seward Elementary, our very own Valerie Kingsland, here is a tutorial on accessing and utilizing the Digital Pipeline.


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